Vital BioMetrics
The New Standard

Who We Are

“We are your patient monitoring partner”

Vital BioMetrics, Inc. is a nationwide cardiac monitoring service founded by clinicians for clinicians.  The founders vast experience in many clinical and technical aspects of the industry over the last 20 years has allowed us to witness first-hand the commercialization of patient cardiac monitoring by IDTFs. The change in Medicare coding that required attended monitoring 24/7 resulted in substantial gain by the IDTFs and loss by the physician’s practice. In our experience and opinion, the advent of commercial remote monitoring has resulted in a disservice to both patients and physicians. Vital BioMetrics offers physicians and their patients an alternative to using an IDTF.

Our Mission

As clinicians, patient care is of the utmost importance to us and is at the core of our stringent monitoring protocols and procedures. The founders have all worked in the IDTF world and we know there is a difference in what Vital BioMetrics provides. Vital BioMetrics works with the physician and practice to provide the best possible monitoring outcome.


Today’s challenging healthcare environment requires physicians and healthcare systems to effect positive changes in their practice and patients’ lives.

The clinical merits of ambulatory remote cardiac monitoring have been well established in numerous peer-reviewed journals and publications. Event and MCT monitoring are a diagnostic standard of care used in every Cardiology practice today.

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Our Approach

Vital BioMetrics is not a manufacturer, and that fact allows us to seek, acquire and offer the very best technology options to our customers. This is an exciting time for remote cardiac monitoring… blue tooth, wireless technology, multipurpose devices, patch systems, etc.   We will continue to enhance the array of products we offer to meet your patient’s needs and will candidly discuss with you the benefits and limitations of each.